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¿Qué le pasa a Richard?
¿Qué le pasa a Richard?

¿Qué le pasa a Richard?

Los Medikidz explican la leucemia

By Kim Chilman-Blair, Illustrated by John Taddeo

12 and upSeventh grade and up

Medikidz Explain [Cancer XYZ]


32 Pages, 6.5 x 10

Cloth, $14.95 (US $14.95)

Publication Date: June 2011

ISBN 9781604430202

Rights: US

American Cancer Society, Inc. (Jun 2011)
American Cancer Society

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Employing a graphic novel format, these dynamic stories explain complex medical information about different forms of cancer, such as breast cancer, leukemia, brain tumors, and osteosarcoma, in a straightforward yet entertaining way. The Medikidz are larger-than-life superheroes who live in Mediland, a living, moving virtual world within the human body. Each character is an expert on one component of human anatomy and the role it plays in fighting the disease: Axon is a brain specialist, Pump has the lowdown on the heart and blood vessels, and Skinderella knows all about the skin and bones. Using their extensive combined knowledge, the Medikidz conduct a journey through Mediland, exploring complex medical issues in a language and visual style that is attractive and accessible to tweens and teens. Appropriate humor and adventure are blended with accurate facts, so young readers can understand the main character's illness and become aware of the support and tender loving care they each need. En formato de novela gráfica, estos cuentos dinámicos explican información médica compleja sobre diferentes tipos de cáncer, como el cáncer de seno, la leucemia, los tumores cerebrales y la osteosarcoma, de una manera sencilla pero entretenida. Los Medikidz son un grupo de superhéroes extraordinarios que viven en Mediland, un mundo virtual y viviente dentro del cuerpo humano. Cada personaje es experto en un componente de la anatomía humana y el papel que juega en combatir la enfermedad: Axon es especialista en el cerebro, Pump tiene información sobre el corazón y los vasos sanguíneos y Skinderella sabe todo acerca de la piel y los huesos. Usando su extensiva inteligencia combinada, los Medikidz hacen un recorrido de Mediland, explorando complejos temas médicos con un lenguaje y un estilo visual que es atractivo y accesible para los jóvenes. Un humor apropiado y la aventura se combinan con hechos exactos para que los lectores jóvenes puedan entender la enfermedad del protagonista y comprender el apoyo y el cuidado tierno que cada uno de ellos necesita.

Author Biography

Dr. Kim Chilman-Blair, BSc, MBChB, is a medical writer and the founder and CEO of Medikidz, a company dedicated to providing peer-reviewed health information to young people in comic book form. John Taddeo is a comic book writer and illustrator and the director of two award-winning animated shorts. He lives in New York City.